CFI “Sold Out” Regional Education Day


Our Carpet & Fabricare Institute Non-Profit Trade Association had a “Sold Out” Regional Education Day” past Saturday at The Academy of Textiles & Flooring in Anaheim, CA. Members and Non-members learned about important topics related to their business success. May 7th will be our next Chapter Meeting in Santa Monica. Check out Carpet & Fabricare Institute for updates. I’m enjoying being the director a whole lot but more important is the education that I myself is getting.

We hope the education and or information shared by the speakers was useful to all attendees.

Thank You Mike West, Ross Driscoll, Rob Fairfield and CFI Board of Directors for all your support!

Haziness On Paver Flooring?


Haziness on paver flooring can be caused by several different reasons:

  1. Light residue from the polymeric sand used in joints.
  2. Water minerals build-up.
  3. A topical paver sealer that has gone bad, turning yellowish, grayish, peeling off in different sections.
  4. Simply: wasn’t cleaned properly or the right way.

Does it have a solution with out the need to be replaced? YES

Just call The Most Thorough at 714-730-0148 or email