Before, During and After Photos of Marble Floor Honing and Polishing

Damaged Marble Floor


Marble Floor Polish Being Restore


Marble Polish Restored                                                                                   IMG_0967

There are many benefits in having natural stone installed in your home, being able to have it restore with out the expense of having to buy a new stone floor is perhaps one of the biggest benefits you.

Dirty grout lines?


Overtime with improper care or maintenance grout lines can turn ugly and very soiled just like the grout lines in this picture, actually the real clean color of this grout lines is a light beige. Most of the soiled in the grout lines has been pushed into them by an improper cleaning process and cleaning tool. But don’t worry they can be cleaned thoroughly by an iicrc certified cleaning service like ours, after cleaning a grout sealer is applied to slow the re-soiling. Ask about grout sealing.