Every home needs regular maintenance to stay beautiful, our Stay Beautiful Program is designed to provide a regular scheduled maintenance or “up-keep” of all your hard surfaces and textiles.

We will create a Custom Program for all your natural stone, tile & grout, hardwood floors, carpet, fine area rugs, upholstery, leather and shower glass walls through this Custom Program your home will stay beautiful.

A Stay Beautiful Program is like a Service Agreement you might buy when you buy a new appliance. But the big difference is, if you purchase a Service Agreement for a new refrigerator, that refrigerator might run fine for thirty years then you’ve wasted your money. But you know your hard surfaces and textiles are going to get dirty again making cleaning, sealing or restoration mandatory. That’s why the Stay Beautiful Program is a Service Agreement with a guaranteed value

With the Stay Beautiful Program we come to your home home every six months which means no money out of your pocket.

Here is another big benefit for you, for the same amount of money as a yearly cleaning we will clean your carpet twice, your getting two cleanings instead of one!

As a sample for carpet: On the first appointment we clean and protect all areas, six months later we clean all open or traffic areas, twelve months later again we clean all open areas and 18 months later start again by cleaning all areas and protecting them.

The BEST thing of all is the 40% Savings you will receive at your first appointment by signing up to the Stay Beautiful Program (sample: Carpet Cleaning Cost $550. you pay only $330. and from there on once a month an automatic credit card pay of just $45.83).

The Stay Beautiful Program lets you keep the same high carpet appearance level year-round, for the same cost as a one-time, per-year cleaning you will get two carpet cleaning visits. Notice the graph right above here. The red dotted line indicates a favorable appearance level that is maintained over time.